Monday, August 22, 2011


Its been a really long time since I have blogged about anything. The truth is, I have been working on a Doctorate degree for the last three years. When you pursue something academic you are usually writing a paper at all times. Therefore it really takes the joy out of writing. However, now that I am finished with this degree, I want to once again take the opportunity to do three things with this blog.

First, I want to utilize this as a tangible way to express my heart and what God is doing in me. This gives the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about the things God is teaching me.

Second, this blog will serve as an opportunity to keep people informed as to whats going on in ministry. As you know, Jenna and I are fully devoted to spending our life serving God in whatever capacity He allows us to. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to serve the wonderful people here at FBC Malakoff.

Third, this blog will be challenging. I came to the conclusion a while back that if something doesn't challenge me to be more or do more, its probably not worth my time reading. I know alot of people use blogs for various reasons, but I intend to use it to challenge people (if any really read) to become more the like the person of Christ.

I am excited and refreshed. I am ready to dive in head first into the freedom of being done with my education and really read and write because I want to....not have to!!!


TedE said...

Awesome! Look fw to reading.